Brodie here. A Golden Commentary and Contemplation 13

Where to begin with the political scene?  With yesterdays chain of events, my befuddled golden head had to seek a cool corner, not due to the summer heat, but because of the unending chicanery and duplicity that continues to surface on both sides in the race for the presidency of the USA.

Brodie the Golden Retriever
Brodie thinking and taking a ride.

The presumptive D candidate yesterday played out this way…”charged with political disaster”…”careless not criminal”…”the truth factor issue”…”bribery”…”it’s not over with ongoing investigations from and through the FBI”… there was a plethora of troubling and unclear accusations.  The closer for this fair lady was when the 44th gave his stump speech supporting her race to the White House. As he sat on the stage with the lady, she kept pointing out all of the many areas, mostly domestic in nature that are in serious need of repair and policy changes.  Yes, and she would make things happen that have not been happening for years… and people don’t want to continue waiting.  Confusing??…  And the 44th agreed silently, smiling to the crowd as he stumped.  Wow!  That was a running dichotomy…a conflict…he didn’t…so she would?  I’m beyond understanding this.

The presumptive R candidate today played out this way…”hundreds of bankruptcy filings hurting the little workers…”continued business practices that harm the hard-working people”…”he won’t pay and doesn’t care”…”frequent flyer in bankruptcy”…a shameful man…”used bankruptcy laws to his credit”…”still has not released his tax return”…”not fighting for the average person but for himself”…I’m beyond understanding this.

I’m a dog.  I have a job.  I do my job and when I don’t, more training shows up for me.  This is good.  My golden goal shows me as a well-behaved and trusted golden that gives happiness to others.  So, if you are a government employee, part of your job is acting in a credible and ethical manner. If you are a business person, part of your job is acting in a credible and ethical manner.  Enough said…  Perhaps this race could use some golden goals.







3 thoughts on “Brodie here. A Golden Commentary and Contemplation 13

  1. I love the look on your face Brodie as you are thinking and taking a ride. I have a feeling I get that same look when I try puzzle out the political stuff this time around. I think I would just like to throw sticks that you and I could both go fetch and maybe just take a long walk…….


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