Brodie here. My Golden Political Commentary 14

Here we go again, but this time I really am more in control of understanding the political games and lingo used between our R and D sides…I think.

Let me start with the vetting of the possible candidates for the office of the Vice President of the United States.  My dog sensibilities understand the importance of going to the vet on a regular basis, so both parties score high from me on this.  But this vetting process or selection process seems different from my vet visits.  Aside from checking all vitals of these folks there are strategies, political strategies utilized on both the D and the R sides.  Seems each seeks either strengthening their hand through their respective candidate or doubling down with their candidate.

Now strengthening their hand, I deal with that everyday.  I’m learning the skill sets of a therapy dog, so I know who is in charge and it’s not me.  It’s SheShe.  I follow her lead.  She has trained me.  She strengthens my resolve, she asks me to do my job and she expects me to be successful and give what is needed.  Both parties are looking for a VP that will do just that, know that they are not in charge, know who is in charge, but all the while demonstrating success, projecting the right attitude and giving unending support toward the happy picture.  See, I can understand this stuff.

Now we are left with doubling down.  Well, this to me is the crazy because I get straight commands from SheShe.  She has yet to ask me to go down, after I am already down.  Just doesn’t happen.  But evidently in this race to the POTUS, both parties are looking at these channels, while selecting their VP. I tell you… I had to go to the Urban Dictionary for a clear understanding.  It’s pundit speak, OK?!?

Brodie never misses an opportunity to share his polite and political observations.
Brodie never misses an opportunity to share his polite and political observations.

According to the Urban Dictionary, doubling down can have a hyphen or not and remain correct.  The meaning, as it applies to politics, is “engaging in risky business”. When doubling down while playing blackjack, a person doubles the bet on the table.  The clincher is that this betting person receives only one more additional card.  That’s it.   See, this is the old card playing scenario, yet again.  Now that you have this wealth of golden, researched information, one sees that doubling down, is risky.  Let’s see if either party decides to make that super, bold choice, one that perhaps will blow the minds of their voters, confuse, yet in some way delight the voters.

The most interesting aspects of this strengthening verses doubling down is that no names are necessary in my explanation.  If it looks like a pig with lip-stick, it’s a pig-with lipstick.  And by the way, there is nothing politically wrong with that.  A pig has choices.



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