Golden Brodie…Roll call for “The Boy”

It’s in Cleveland…the GOP is arriving and filling up the “Q”. Some of the folks have come knowing they will change their minds…change their vote when the roll is called..Ha!..what roll call?!!.There will possibly be unbinding that will happen on the floor and I don’t know, but that could be rather unattractive, you know possibly turn some people off…that unbinding thing sounds like something that should only happen behind closed doors…maybe in the sanction of one’s bathroom??…but sounds like there will be  a “floor fight”.  Is that like when leashes get tangled and then it can get ugly…if it is then based on experience, I don’t recommend this…very messy… very dramatic…

Speaking of folks, interesting who’ll show… some “big cheese people”, some “Stop T screamers”,some “steamrollers”, a dame who slams golf balls and a dude in briefs…a whole lot of “T” and just a wee bit of “P”.  And forget the roll call, the “Yeas, have it”..

Let’s get to the important stuff…Cleveland is known for its “City Chicken” and “The Polish Boy”.  Now the City Chicken is really chunks of pork on a skewer with different stuff lathered on it.  The Polish Boy is a kielbasa polish sausage on a bun with a layer of french fries, barbecue sauce and a tangy coleslaw.  Sign me up!  That boy gets my vote!

5 thoughts on “Golden Brodie…Roll call for “The Boy”

  1. I’m with you Brodie…..bring on the polish sausage! All I ask with politics is that the media just let us hear the speakers and make our own spin on it. I get weary of hearing them tell me what they think I should think the speakers said…..hmmmmmm…..maybe I should just watch the commercials and forget the main event?


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