Golden Brodie Declares…He’s a Dependent

The DNC rolls on in the Home of the Liberty Bell, home of the nations first daily newspaper and the city that serves up Philly Icon foods like hand-made donuts served with fried chicken; Franklin Fountain Root Beer Floats on Market Street and a Hoagie on every corner… and will shortly reach its convention finale.

So, I declared.  I got off my dog belly, sat up…with no barking, no yelping, no jumping and said with a most polite tone that I am not tied to any particular political party…and my golden retriever self…is a “Dependent.”  Why share this?

When I heard the well-known New Yorker, Mr. B. (with an impressive political and business resume) declare that he was an Independent…I got my paws moving.  I read that he was on the R team, then the D team, then he supported the Lady for her race to the White House and just recently in his speech to the Democratic Convention he declared he is an Independent..confusing but honestly if that works for him…then I say fine.

I’m a “Dependent” and always have been due to my circumstances.  As a dog, and a healthy dog at that, I know that I require support.  I rely on my people, the kindness of others, the decisions of others.  If I could not rely on my owners, I would be in such trouble.  I would be leash-less and break all of the social rules, designed by humans for dogs.  I would go hungry and loose my golden disposition…who could blame me??  I would not have a vet…no immunization…no heart worm personal trainer to educate me and help me become a working therapy dog.  I would not have a home and I probably would become afraid of the night and lose my curiosity due to fear.  So…I have no power, no sway, no political acumen…no vote to cast.

I gotta go because it’s about time for my kibble to hit my dog dish. In closing, hoping you realize the importance of knowing what you need and what you support…who you are and what you represent…you’ll benefit from getting clear on this before you vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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