Brodie leaks insights into “Digging a Hole”

Digging a hole has always given me extreme pleasure.  While I can’t speak for other breeds, I can offer that retrievers are excellent hole diggers. We dig holes sporadically.  I have yet to wake up in the morning and declare that I would dig a hole that day…it just happens… whenever…with little thought…without thinking of the associated consequences.  We dogs dig shallow holes, deep holes…we sling dirt and mud and don’t care where it flies.  We dig with our paws and for the pure joy of it all.  This present political race to the White House presents some hole digging insights.

Think about how you’ve seen these folks running for the Office of the President… you’ve seen both sides dig a hole so quickly and so deeply that they become trapped.  So there is a difference between dog holes and people holes.  Dogs digging a hole is simply a sublime moment of pleasure…for politicians its disaster…Dogs dig joyfully with their paws and public servants move the earth with their wagging tongues…Dogs never clean up or close their holes and if lucky the hole…the work of dog art goes unnoticed. Political folks have to fill in the hole, back track, side step, deny, re-state, deny, pivot, us words that are opposite of what brought them into the hole in the first place.  Adding clarity, the lady’s holes are usually drilled carefully with cherry picking skills interjected…the Mr. T’s shallow holes resemble a wide ditch…whatever the description…both sides seem to have a penchant for digging holes that won’t fill back up and disappear.

Bottom line:  Dogs deserve to dig a nice hole now and then…folks running for the presidency of the USA…not recommended…





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